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Keep My Name Out of Your Topiaries (Life on Mars)

I’ve been paying for this site for a few years now – ever since I knew that my Mom was dying. I wanted it to be a space where I processed her death in a way that wasn’t just a trauma dump. It had (has) to help someone out there.

That is a decent amount of pressure to put on yourself. My mind has been constantly saying, It’s ok to share your story if you will somehow look like a hero but never just write what you need to, when you need to do it. And what is with all of this societal pressure that people come out of their traumas and end up a book club selection for a group of privileged upper class women to use as inspiration: If that girl can be abused for that long and not end up dead, surely I can tell my gardener that I don’t like the way they’ve trimmed my topiaries.

Take from these posts whatever you can and dismiss what doesn’t serve you.

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